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Alan Rose of Mrachek, Fitzgerald, ROSE, Konopka, Thomas & Weiss is still trying to cover up 5 years of BLATANT wrong doing, unethical actions, theft, alleged murder, asset loss, scripted attorney schemes, judicial corruption, lies and flat out fraud. And Alan Rose still thinks he can win any of this or come out on top, just because he has had 5 years of VERY HIGH attorney fees paid to him and the law firm of Mrachek, Fitzgerald, ROSE, Konopka, Thomas & Weiss. Ya I don't think so. One Day the TRUTH will Roll Across all their desks and the Liability and Loss will come with it.

Note in this Transcript below we see whiny Alan Rose of Mrachek, Fitzgerald, ROSE, Konopka, Thomas & Weiss saying “we”, ya know the co-conspirators, they had an agreement in 2016 but waited to get other stuff done.

See they were having “trouble” getting stuff done according to Alan Rose. Ya sure. Blah Blah Blah

I say they were waiting for the Illinois insurance scam to be over or them to believe it over, and waiting for approval on the “settlement” in the insurance fraud case, so “they” (the bad guys "we"), could wrap up over 5 years of fraud, predatory guardianship, real estate fraud insurance fraud, asset theft, mortgage fraud, life insurance fraud, civil rights violations, alleged murders, fraud, forgery and more unethical and criminal activities, I Allege.

“We've been having trouble getting that one set” says Alan Rose of Mrachek, Fitzgerald, ROSE, Konopka, Thomas & Weiss. My guess on that is Alan Rose wanted to keep his super duper secret confidential settlement agreement with Tescher and Spallina, a SECRET. ya know the law firm that forged a dead guys signature on estate documents to actually benefit Alan Rose’s client, Ted Bernstein.  So Alan Rose waits years to get court approval on this super secret settlement.

Meanwhile beneficiary Eliot Bernstein was denied rights and standing during that time and Eliot’s children, 2 of which were adults, well they had a predatory guardianship seizing their rights. So ya know, I don’t believe they had trouble setting that one, they simply did not want to, as it was part of their strategy, to deny rights, to wait for the Illinois Insurance Scam to swing in their favor and then seek court approval, with no objections you see as they had used the courts to silence beneficiary Eliot Bernstein and used a former judge, Diana Lewis to enact a predatory guardianship and seize the rights of Eliot’s children. WaLa, magic.

Let’s take a look at the latest court Transcripts from the Estate of Simon Bernstein and the Estate of Shirley Bernstein in West Palm County Florida Courts.

“MR. ROSE: We have a motion to approve
There was an objection that was
filed yesterday, so I'm not sure if --

THE COURT: I haven't seen it.

MR. ROSE: This is a motion to approve a
settlement of a claim.

THE COURT: Which case? Because I've got
both motions. For the record, I believe that's
for the Shirley Bernstein case.

MR. ROSE: Well, there's a settlement in
both cases with the same law firm, differing
amounts. A confidential settlement, it was
entered into in July of 2016. We've been
waiting to have the approval hearing heard.

We've been having trouble getting that one set
while we did other things first. So, you know,
we moved to have the settlement approved.

There's an objection.

THE COURT: Who filed the objection?

MR. PERRE: We did, Your Honor. We just
came new to the case. We're representing the
trust beneficiary, Joshua Bernstein.

Our client -- basically, what's happened
is that a guardian ad litem was appointed by
the Court.

At the time that that happened, our
client was already 18 years old and had full
capacity to represent himself.

The reason we're objecting to this motion
is that our client had no idea that there was a
settlement, had no idea what was going on, was
not a part of it, was not consulted by the
guardian ad litem

We don't believe his interests are represented here.
The motion itself actually says that the guardian ad litem
has been consulted, that she has --

THE COURT: This is not something we're
going to be able to have today.
All right. So
we'll have to special set. "

Sure wish Mr. Perre could have continued, that was some good stuff. Can’t wait to hear the end of that sentence. How in the world can the Judge, the Attorneys, the PR, and all of them Justify what they have done over the last 5 years?

So Alan Rose let the hearing proceed, wasted time and money of ALL, knowing there were objections still hoping to slide it all under the proverbial Rose Rug? Yeah see there was a whole lot of things that Guardian Diana Lewis had no legal right to be deciding for her ADULT competent wards. And as an experienced former Judge, an expert in Florida Guardianship Law, what excuse could she possibly have? Oh ya you see Judge John Philips ordered it so ya umm I went along with the crime. Oh I mean the predatory guardianship. Knowing full well those whose rights she seized were adults and under Florida Law she had no right to sieze their rights. Judge Martin Colin and Judge Rosemarie Scher went right along with it, and all for years. WOW. South Florida sure is a great place to be a lawyer, a judge and a BAD place to retire, leave assets, or have actual civil rights.

Also keep in mind that former Judge Diana Lewis was not a Guardian prior to this. And Diana Lewis was not picked randomly. She was an old family friend of Brian O'Connell, the PR in this case. I say specifically picked to aid and abet Alan Rose, Ted Bernstein, and Brian O'Connell to cover up years of unethical and fraudulent activities. And to ensure that Judge Martin Colin's unethical and unlawful orders, as well as those of Judge John Philips, were upheld and essentially cover up for the whole gang of predatory guardians, thugs and thieves. (in my Opinion of Course)

Diana Lewis started a new business for her Guardianship simply because she was asked by an attorney in the case, either Alan Rose or Brian O'Connell. Guardian Diana Lewis came into the Bernstein cases for specific reasons and that was NOT the best interest of ALLEGED, yet NOT, minors. 

Check Out the West Palm South Florida Court Transcript,
Judge Rosemarie Scher Court quoted above.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Shot across the Bow as they say, or perhaps a gentle war cry. As a New Attorney enters the Estate of Simon Bernstein, Estate of Shirley Bernstein Probate Court Case in West Palm Florida, Judge Rosemarie Scher Court. Formerly the Court of Judge Martin Colin.

The Shot across the Bow. 
The Not so Subtle, Gentle, Firm War Cry. 

“what's happened is that a guardian ad litem 
was appointed by the Court.  
At the time that that happened, 
our client was already 18 years old 
and had full 14 capacity to represent himself.”

Years of objections by pro se litigants. Cease and Desist letters with all the applicable law. Experienced lawyers, judges and yet years of a Predatory Guardianship that is in CLEAR violation of LAW and of Civil Rights.  And the courts let it go on and on, doing NOTHING to hold them accountable, Why?

February 6, 2018

“On behalf of Joshua Bernstein: PERLMAN, BAJANDAS, YEVOLI & ALBRIGHT, P.L.”

Source and Full West Palm South Florida Court Transcript, Judge Rosemarie Scher Court

Watch the Lawyer Rats Scramble. Watch the Insurance Companies Exposed. Watch the Truth Roll Out and the Culture of Corruption become Transparent for ALL to SEE.

Keep in mind that Guardian Diana Lewis is an experienced professional in all manner of law that is involved in these cases, as she was an area Judge that dealt with these same legal issues.

Diana Lewis has NO Valid Legal EXCUSE to have not known or understood Florida Guardian Law. In my opinion, she is even more liable as she was someone with expertise and superior knowledge of law.

Keep in Mind that Diana Lewis was given a Cease and Desist long ago that explained to her what she may have not known, though she certainly should have, as she was a professional and has superior knowledge of these matters.  She did nothing to correct this issue nor did the courts or attorneys involved in the cases at that time.

Also keep in mind that for Judge Diana Lewis was not a Guardian prior to this. And Diana Lewis was not picked randomly. She was an old family friend of Brian O'Connell, the PR in this case. I say specifically picked to aid and abet Alan Rose, Ted Bernstein, and Brian O'Connell to cover up years of unethical and fraudulent activities.

Diana Lewis started a new business for her Guardianship simply because she was asked by an attorney in the case, either Alan Rose or Brian O'Connell, check out the Transcript Below.

Cease and Desists Letters to Guardian Diana Lewis

Guardian Diana Lewis claims to not know that she had to file reports or that she had to end guardianship when her wards turned 18 per Florida Law.  Admits to knowing Josh was 18, at the very least when it "whispered" in her ear, as she stated on the stand under Oath. 

An ATTORNEY contacted Diana Lewis to be Guardian? Which parties interest was this attorney representing when they called former Judge Diana Lewis to be Guardian?

Transparency and Accountability 
Coming to a Court Near YOU

Friday, February 9, 2018

Florida Guardianship Programs, Florida Estate and Probate Courts; Florida Judge finds out that a deceased man signed documents to close an estate and benefit certain parties and does nothing about it. Judge Martin Colin Palm County Florida. Judge John Philips. Judge Rosemarie Scher now in charge of cases.

September 17th 2013 Judge Martin Colin Palm Beach County Florida, found out, without a doubt that attorneys were involved in a breach of fiduciary duty, a fraud on the court and on beneficiaries of the Estates involved, and found out that documents were forged in such a way that a deceased man closed an estate. This seems to be a Crime, yet the Judge did not hold any of these attorneys accountable nor make any steps to make the issue right by the beneficiaries wronged in the actions.

Florida Guardianship Programs, Florida Estate and Probate Courts, Florida's court system has violated the rights of as many as possible within their reach, and have done so systematically for decades. Their system involved Catholic Charities, Judges at every level, Police and Investigators, Attorneys, Law Firms, Guardians, Nurses Associations, Nursing Homes, Doctors, Therapists and more. The ABUSE on the public at large has been covered up for decades by the top judges in Florida, and now as many judges are being forced out with the truth and calling it early retirement, well we are seeing accountability coming into sight.

Many victims have died over years as their estates were robbed by this scheme. Their heirs have suffered for decades and the so called authorities have known and done nothing.

Judge Martin Colin was one such judge that assisted these frauds, as was Judge John Philips, they are both off the bench now, however, they have yet to have any accountability for the harm they have caused to countless victims over years.

In the Estate of Simon Bernstein and the Estate of Shirley Bernstein in West Palm Florida, Boca Raton Florida, Palm County Florida, we can see a clear picture of the pattern of fraud and abuse that they have all been involved in for years.

This blog post shows where Judge Martin Colin knew of massive fraud and forgery in his court and well it seems he used it to his advantage and went along with the fraud. To what extend of money, property, or favors Judge Martin Colin received in this case and others, well we only have rumors of his garage sales selling jewelry and of his real estate holdings in multiple states. And from there we can only speculate.

However, we do have a whole lot of documents of clear abuse, fraud on the courts and a Florida Judge doing nothing to hold those guilty accountable.

Judge Martin Colin aided and abetted the criminal activities as I see it, in the Estate of Shirley Bernstein, the Estate of Simon Bernstein and all the fraud, forgery, civil rights violations, predatory guardianship and more. Colin knew all along, as did Judge John Phillips, then head of the Guardianship Program.

The hearing below involves Florida Attorney Mark Manceri, involves attorney Robert Spallina and Donald Tescher. It is regarding the closing of an estate and waivers of accounting signed by someone who was deceased.

Court Hearing Regarding Deceased Signing Documents

September 17th 2013 Hearing

"THE COURT: So final disposition and the
 order got entered that Simon, your father ‐‐


22 THE COURT: ‐‐ he came to court and said I
23 want to be discharged, my wife's estate is
24 closed and fully administered.

25 MR. ELIOT BERNSTEIN: No. I think it
1 happened after ‐‐

THE COURT: No, I'm looking at it.

3 MR. ELIOT BERNSTEIN: What date did that
4 happen?

THE COURT: January 3, 2013.

6 MR. ELIOT BERNSTEIN: He was dead.

MR. MANCERI: That's when the order was
8 signed, yes, your Honor.

9 THE COURT: He filed it, physically came
10 to court.


12 THE COURT: So let me see when he actually
13 filed it and signed the paperwork. November.
14 What date did your dad die?

15 MR. ELIOT BERNSTEIN: September. It's
16 hard to get through. He does a lot of things
17 when he's dead.

18 THE COURT: I have all of these waivers by
19 Simon in November. He tells me Simon was dead
20 at the time.

21 MR. MANCERI: Simon was dead at the time,
22 your Honor. The waivers that you're talking
23 about are waivers from the beneficiaries, I
24 believe.

25 THE COURT: No, it's waivers of
1 accountings.

2 MR. MANCERI: Right, by the beneficiaries.

3 THE COURT: Discharge waiver of service of
4 discharge by Simon, Simon asked that he not
5 have to serve the petition for discharge.

6 MR. MANCERI: Right, that was in his
7 petition. When was the petition served?
8 THE COURT: November 21st.

9 MR. SPALLINA: Yeah, it was after his date
10 of death.

11 THE COURT: Well, how could that happen
12 legally? How could Simon ‐‐

13 MR. MANCERI: Who signed that?

14 THE COURT: ‐‐ ask to close and not serve
15 a petition after he's dead?  "

Click to Read Full Hearing Transcript and source of above quote, the above starts on page 14

Palm Beach County Florida has had decades of guardianship fraud, civil rights violations, human rights violations, estate and probate fraud, nursing home fraud, predatory guardianship and more violations of the rights of their victims.

The attorneys, Judges, and Law Firms involved have been protected by Judges at every level of the court, including Florida Appeals Courts and the Florida Supreme Court.

Their system of fraud and abuse on the public has been reported on in blogs for well over a decade, now bigger media has reported on the situation, and courts have even ruled in the favor of victims in isolated cases.
Click Below For more on this Florida Estate Case in which is a CLEAR example of how the Judges, Attorneys, Guardians, Care workers, Doctors and more work together to protect the theft of estates and abuse of those involved.

With the blog listed below, there are hundreds if not thousands of entries in this matter. I suggest using the search bar on the blog in the upper left. You can also email me if you need a particular document and can't find it. My eMail is .

Mark Manceri, Alan Rose, Ted Bernstein, Judge Martin Colin, Judge Rosemarie Scher, Judge John Philips, Judge Diana Lewis, Brian O'Connell, Guardian Diana Lewis, Ciklin Lubitz Martens & O'Connell, Ashley Crispin, Pam Simon, STP Enterprises, David Simon, Adam Simon, Heritage Life Insurance, Jackson National, Scott Wellington, Don Sanders, Judge Howard Coates, Joielle A Foglietta, Deborah Bernstein, Laurence PINO, John R Poletto Nestler Poletto Sotheby's Realty, Greg Geffen, Signature Title Company,  Mrachek, Fitzgerald, ROSE, Konopka, Thomas & Weiss, John Pankauski, Judge Jorge Labarga, Steve Lessne, Oppenheimer, JP Morgan, Gunster

Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Parties who Brought the District of Illinois Lawsuit KNEW from the start that they were filing in the WRONG Jurisdiction. Pamela Simon of STP Enterprises, Ted Bernstein Boca Raton, David Simon, Adam Simon, Scott Wellington of Jackson National and more involved in what sure seems to be Insurance Fraud to me, among other alleged Crimes. Stay Tuned as the TRUTH keeps rolling out and one day there will be the Ears of True Justice to Hear and Justice will be Served.

Eliot Bernstein was ALWAYS, Clearly a Beneficiary.

All the Attorneys, Judges, Guardians, Life Insurance Companies and others involved in all of this will someday be held accountable, it is simply how the TRUTH works. The Truth rises to the Top so we can all see it Clearly.

Plaintiff Ted Bernstein knowingly stated false facts to the Illinois Court and the Court simply took those statements as fact, with no lower court ruling or proof, and with no Trust, and NO Life Insurance Policy. This District of Illinois Case seems to set a precedent whereby anyone can get life insurance on anyone, or claim they had it and have no policy, and even in a case where there was murder alleged and a toxic coroners report. WOW.

Seems to be a Clear Case of Fraud on the Court and Insurance Fraud, as far as I See it.


Heritage Life Insurance, Jackson National Life Insurance and the case of the "friendly" carrier that Pam Simon claimed to have. No Policy or Trust needed apparently.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Judge Martin Colin MUST be held Accountable: Guardian Diana Lewis former Judge Diana Lewis of Palm Beach County Florida Ignores Cease and Desist, Claims she does not know the laws in Florida that Govern Guardianship and I Allege has enabled PR Brian O'Connell and Ted Bernstein's attorney Alan Rose to violate the rights of those involved in the Estate of Simon Bernstein and the Estate of Shirley Bernstein in Judge Rosemarie Scher's Court in South Florida.

Florida Guardian Diana Lewis does not seem to know Florida Guardianship LAW though she was a probate Judge and has superior knowledge of the law and extensive experience in these matters.

Guardian Diana Lewis took Guardianship of Adults with no proper GAL hearing as Florida Law regulates, as I see it. Research all the documents and the law and decide for yourself if former Judge Diana Lewis, now Predatory Guardian Diana Lewis followed Florida Guardianship LAW.

Diana Lewis does not think she has to notify the court when a ward turns 18 nor submit any reports.

Diana Lewis, long time family friend of PR Brian O'Connell, was called by an attorney and I allege brought into the Estate of Simon Bernstein Case in order to ensure that PR Brian O'Connell and Attorney Alan Rose got their way and their fees.

Despite a Cease and Desist Letter and in what seems to be a total disregard of law and in full knowledge of Florida Statutes, Civil and Constitutional Rights Diana Lewis made life changing decisions for those she took guardianship over, competent, able bodied adults.

As far as I know she never spoke with the men whose lives she has changed and who she took CONTROL of financial decisions for.

I Allege, that Guardian Diana Lewis was called by attorneys as she admits, and then started a business and became a guardian SPECIFICALLY for this case. There was no random selection or guardianship wheel and she was not even a Guardian for others at that time.

Diana Lewis's Guardianship business did not exist before this. Diana Lewis, I allege, was only in this case to SILENCE her PREY, her wards and make sure they had no rights or voice to stand up to the actions of attorney Alan Rose for Ted Bernstein of Boca Raton and PR Brian O'Connell, along with Ashley Crispin, both of Crispin, Ciklin Lubitz & O'Connell.

Guardian Diana Lewis is a former Judge and SHOULD have high ethically standards and superior knowledge of the law in this and related matters. However, she has blatantly violated the rights of those whose lives she took control over and with seemingly total disregard for the law. Almost as if she believes that she is not accountable, has no fiduciary duty and has been assured by Brian O'Connell and Alan Rose (as I myself heard Alan say) that she will get paid, and seemingly she is above the law and will have no consequences.

However, I am here to say that is NOT TRUE.

All will be held accountable, and these young, able bodied, of sound mind men whose lives she recklessly violated will see accountability at some point, as the TRUTH is NOT going away on my WATCH. No Way No How.

Check Out More on Guardian Diana Lewis's blatant disregard for Florida Law and for the Civil and Constitutional Rights of her wards (victims). And Read the Cease and Desist Letter she got, yet still claims she don't know the LAW governing her actions of Guardianship.

Guardian Diana Lewis former Judge Diana Lewis of Palm Beach County Florida blog by Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, Click Below to Read More.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

For Immediate Release: AAAPG’s Protest Against Abusive Guardianship of the Elderly

"Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship (AAAPG) will hold a rally on November 16th, 2017 during the National Conference of Probate Judges convention to protest the scourge of Elder Abuse in probate court guardianships around the country.

“Gone unchecked, a court appointed guardian of an elderly person can become abusive and exploitive very quickly,” said Dr. Sam Sugar, founder of AAAPG in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dr. Sugar, Founder of AAAPG, will lead the protest which will call attention to the plight of the elderly and their families and of the financial and physical danger that can await them in probate court.

“When an application for guardianship is filed in any probate court in the U.S., you are putting a loved one at risk of their life and flagging the government that their estate and your inheritance are up for grabs,” Dr. Sugar said. He added, “The majority of honest Probate Judges should be reminded and outraged that a small minority of Probate Judges in hotspots around the Country are perverting the laws designed to protect the vulnerable among us into a racket to defraud, abuse and exploit seniors and their families and take their estates”.

Abusive Guardianships have been prominent in the news recently, to wit:

The New Yorker-How the Elderly Lose Their Rights October 2, 2017 NPR, "On Point" - State Sanctioned Guardians October 5, 2017 NPR, "On Point"

Why Guardianship Abuse Occurs October 5, 2017 The Root-Is the Adult Guardianship and Probate Court System Exploiting the Vulnerable? October 10, 2017 Reuters, U.S. News

Spotlight, a Look at Guardianships October 20, 2017 Glenn Beck-"Someone Kidnapped my Parents", Nevada was Sheltering Elder Abuse October 23, 2017 Gary Toms, Syndicated Radio-Fraudulent Guardianships and Probate Courts October 23, 2017

Media are invited to cover this event.

AAAPG Protest Against Abusive Probate Guardianships
November 16, 2017 1-3 PM
Ponte Vedra Inn and Cub
200 Ponte Vedra Blvd, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

See this link for our press kit!4155&parId=5DA8C19320796548!158&app=Word&wacqt=mru

Thank you"

Source and Printable Press Release

Sunday, October 22, 2017

"Post’s guardianship coverage wins honor from Florida Bar". Palm Beach County Florida Predatory Guardianship Issues

"The Palm Beach Post’s 2016 series “Guardianships: A Broken Trust” took second place this month in the print division of the Florida Bar’s 62nd Annual Media Awards.

The stories, written and reported by Post staff writer John Pacenti, with research by Melanie Mena and editing by Holly Baltz, exposed the conflicts facing now-retired Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Martin Colin after his wife, Elizabeth Savitt, became a guardian.

The stories showed Colin’s wife took tens of thousands of dollars in fees from her senior ward’saccounts prior to approval by the court, which Savitt’s attorney, and only her attorney, claimed was allowed by statute. In one case, a judge ordered Savitt and her attorney to return nearly


After publication in January 2016, the circuit’s chief judge, Jeffrey Col-bath, transferred Colin out of the probate division. He also transferred all of Savitt’s cases to a distant courthouse to eliminate the potential for conflict with friendly judges.

In October, Colbath handed down sweeping guardianship reforms, addressing specifically complaints against Savitt. He instituted a random appointment basis for professional guardians and an arduous registration system.

The stories received startling response from readers, leading to a number of families reaching out to the newspaper about abusive guardianships.

Thejudging panelconsisted of two out-of-state journalists, two Florida lawyers with substantial experience in journalism and/or media law and one Florida educator of journalism or law.

First place went to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune’s “Bias on the Bench” series, which found judges throughout Florida sentence black defendants to harsher punishments than whites charged with the same crimes under similar circumstances.

The Post’s stories tied for second place with the Sun-Sentinel’s “Forsaken: Florida’s Broken Mental Health System.” The awards were given out Monday in a Tallahassee ceremony that included a receptionwith Florida Supreme Court justices."


Also Check Out

Chief judge shakes up guardianship system after Post series

Palm Beach Post, Guardianship a Broken Trust